artist statement

I do experience myself as part of a highly complex and contingent structure, in which myriad probabilities do exist. Thus the technique of the collage makes it possible to rearrange pictures, moving images and also sounds. This creation of a whole new world, made from plenty of small components fascinates me. My working process merges two opposing tools, chance and accurate arrangement. While creating my collages I try to comprehend each element as part of a greater whole. In the next step I translate the collages, which I use as sketches, into oil paintings, ceramic tiles or other media. Within this process of translation it is important to me to preserve the quality of each element — e.g. the structure and texture of the surface or the different layering of papers.

I comprehend the components of my collages, which I fragmentize step by step and sometimes also only use the offcuts, as sediments of our time. These fragments go through several processes, referring to others, merging together or floating uprooted and faceless in space. These accumulations of elements in my paintings could be seen as an analogy to our own identity. They embody the wish to retain a solid and fixed identity, which ultimately will always be an illusion, because everything is constantly changing and reshaping. There is no position — transition is the position.

The titles of the paintings develop during the process, but mostly I name them in the end. I step back and try to think, what the picture means to me and my own identity. Reflections and solidifications of a moment, which will contingently become brittle, decompose, accumulate somewhere and form something new or eventually get lost.